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this is a blog dedicated to an ace model of Seventeen Japan; Nishiuchi Mariya.

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Nishiuchi Mariya for Meiji Poifull

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waratte iitomo!

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062714 30

mariya to debut as singer

she announced via LINE and ameblo that she’s given the chance to debut as singer. her debut single; LOVE EVOLUTION to be released on august 20th

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Anonymous asked—
why do you often tag your posts with "pls be original ...."?? also i'm sorry if this might turn out like an offence i love this blog so much, literally the only quality mariya blog ;w;

hello ~ no problem ;w;b

it’s bcos i’ve seen a lot of reposts in tumblr and outside tumblr too ;~;

very funny though bcos my posts rarely get over 50 notes so i’m thinking mariya fandom isn’t so big in tumblr so yeah

from here on i’m not gonna stop tagging my posts with that and i’ll make sure to watermark each and every of them

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How to Manue

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